November 8, 2018

Bringing Gifts to Jesus - Matthew 2:9-11

We can bring gifts to Christ in many ways. Save money to give to a helpless family. A smile and a kind word to the most unloving person in your school or work. A monetary gift to your favorite charity. A missions trip. The roads to Bethlehem are endless!

Family Discussions:

  1. Where is your "Manger" today?
  2. What gifts are you bringing?

Episode Transcription:

00:14 Can you imagine what it would be like to give a gift to Jesus? Well today that's what we're going to talk about. The scripture is Matthew chapter two, and it begins with verse nine and it says this, wow, what a day this must have been. In having heard the king. They went their way and low the star which was sent, which was from the east, went before them and it came and stood over where the child was and when they saw the store, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy, and they came to the house and saw the child with Mary, his mother, and they sat down and worshiped him and opened their treasures and presented to him gifts of gold and Frankincense and myrrh.

01:00 It's a lot like Romans 12, verse one and two where Paul urges us to give our bodies to Jesus as a living and holy sacrifice and not to be squeezed into the mold of this world, but to allow Christ to make us more and more like Christ every single day. Keeping your body and mind pure. That's the gift that pleases Jesus Today. In Matthew 25 verse 40, Jesus profoundly promises that when we give money or gifts of time to the poor, the lonely, the hurt, the downtrodden, we're really giving gifts to him. Imagine how you'd feel when you, when you get to heaven and you see the mentally disadvantaged child from the old neighborhood you grew up in, or the starving child from Cambodia or the financially disadvantaged child, the inner city child from somewhere like east St Louis, there to greet you in heaven and to give you a huge smile and the eternal thank you because you gave them love or you gave them food.

02:04 You gave them time or attention and through that gift they solved the unmistakable witness of Christ in you. Your trip to the story of Bethlehem, believe it or not, begins every single morning when you wake up and consider the needy people around you. Getting to the manger is a whole lot easier than you think. A piggy bank on your breakfast table for savings to give to a helpless family. A smile and a kind word every day to the unlovely person at work or at school, a monetary gift to your favorite charity, a missionary trip to Guatemala. Just a few precious ways to get to the manger. Can you imagine you get to go to the manger everyday? Man the roads to Bethlehem are endless. The rewards for getting there are indescribable. I wonder where your manger is today? I wonder what your gift is going to be?

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