As a follower of Christ, learning the tactics of the enemy is what it's all about because the adversary is always charging in on our soul. But fortunately, Jesus is the Defender of our soul and the Shepherd of us as sheep.

Questions to Consider:

Psalms 3:1 - "Oh Lord, how my adversaries have increased, many are rising up against me." How has the enemy come after you recently, but how has the Lord defended you? 

Psalms 3:3 "But You, O Lord, are a shield about me." Describe your dependence on your Shepherd for your personal protection and your revival during times of pain and persecution.

Through all the health challenges I've endured over the years, I've  always found a way to worship The Lord through each one because he's a Good Father! Charles Wesley endured multiple challenges in his life, and still found a way to write over 800 hymns that we still sing today. No matter what you're walking through today, remember our shepherd is always with you!

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